Great Meat, Great Farmers, Great Island

Manitoulin Island Meats is the largest source of delicious, old-fashioned, local beef, pork and lamb from Ontario's oldest and largest island farming community. If you're looking to experience meat that's part of Manitoulin itself, then you've come to the right place. Watch our exclusive Manitoulin Island Meats video to learn more about what makes us different, then click on your favourite meat below for all the details. 

  Dry-Aged Beef

Raised pure here on Manitoulin Island by farmers who've committed in writing to produce pure, wholesome, grain-fed beef. Dry-aged for at least 14 days, you won't find this kind of beef anywhere else. Click now to get hungry. 

 Old-Time Pork

All our pork comes from a few small producers here on Manitoulin Island, including two Amish families working their farms with horses near Tehkummah. Local pork isn't easy to find but it's here.

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Manitoulin Lamb

When it comes to lamb, Manitoulin Island is the New Zealand of Ontario. A cool, green landscape, lots of fresh water near family farms. We may not produce a lot of lamb, but what we've got is special.

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