Manitoulin Island Beef

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There are three reasons Manitoulin Island Meats beef offers something you won't find just any where:


Reason#1: All Our Beef Comes Only From Manitoulin Island.

All our beef is raised exclusively by local family farmers here on Manitoulin.  


Reason#2: This Beef is Raised Pure. All our Farmers Put In Writing.

Manitoulin Island Meats beef is raised in ways that more and more people want these days: hormone-free; small farm settings; dry-aged cuts prepared by hand in the old-fashioned way for best taste and tenderness. Our beef is different than what you'll find from most other sources, and it's a difference you can taste. All our farmers have made a written commitment to follow these Manitoulin Island Meats standards:

  • free from growth hormones, antibiotic feeds & animal by-products feed supplements
  • all government medication withdrawal periods exceeded
  • local grain-fed diet for 90 days before processing

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Reason#3: Our Beef is Cut & Wrapped By Hand Right Here on Manitoulin


Like all the meat we sell, Manitoulin Island Meats beef is prepared by hand in a small butcher shop.  It's local from start to finish. Whether you buy a little bit to try for the first time, or you're the kind of customer who wants a whole side of beef, you can be sure that what you're getting is 100% Manitoulin. Click to learn more and to order.